Lingerie, Season 1

“Lingerie” is a sexy new cable series featuring an ensemble cast of beautiful people who design, photograph and model lingerie in New York City’s fashion industry.

Created by

John Quinn

“Lingerie” is a sexy new cable series featuring an ensemble cast of beautiful people who design, photograph or model lingerie in New York City’s fashion industry. Most of the stories revolve around Lacey Summers, who left a successful modeling career to become a designer. Lacey lives in a large loft that doubles as her design studio. Her younger brother, Cody, also lives in the building but in a much smaller apartment with his wing man Russ. What Cody lacks in ambition he makes up with in charm and good looks. He’s constantly popping in and out of Lacey’s place helping himself to her food and occasionally to her models.

Lacey’s lingerie’s in several NY boutiques yet Lacey struggles to make ends meet as costs for fabrics, photographers and models run higher than her income. To help keep costs down, Lacey decides to rent out her spare room to Vanessa, a beautiful young, want-to-be actress from Seattle. Lacey’s best friend, Marilyn, writes for a gossip fashion magazine and does her best to promote Lacey’s work; occasionally introducing her to investors and editors who can get her work seen. Unfortunately, one of the investors is more interested in ripping off Lacey’s designs than he is in helping her.

To complicate an already hectic life, Lacey’s on-again-off-again photographer boyfriend, Jason, can’t seem to keep his hands of Lacey’s models. Jason and Lacey have an open relationship but when Jason sleeps with her roommate, Vanessa, she realizes she’s had enough and wants someone who can commit to a relationship. She breaks up with Jason and turns her romantic attentions to Rick, a NY City fireman. But Rick finds it hard to relate to Lacey’s work. Though he admits he loves to see women in lingerie, he thinks lingerie is only good for as long as it takes a man to remove it from a woman. Rick would rather she go with him on weekend adventures, where they could off-road, climb mountains or camp; however, Lacey’s a true city girl and doesn’t enjoy the “great outdoors”. She prefers to spend her time sketching new designs or drinking wine with friends at Ducan’s, a local bar where Cody’s roommate Russ bartends.

The outspoken Stephanie and the flamboyant Jeffrey; Lacey’s assistants, convince Lacey that one way out of her financial predicament would be for her to show her unique designs in the spring fashion review. Someone there is bound to see her designs and pick up her line for distribution. But Lacey doesn’t have the financial resources to pull off a show like that. Somehow Marilyn finds an investor and soon Lacey and her team are hard at work preparing for the show. Lacey never finds out much about the investor, as he prefers to stay anonymous. Her new “urban-hipster” look is a big hit at the spring fashion review and Lacey finally finds a large distributor who will take her designs international.

After the show, Lacey discovers the anonymous investor is Jason. While they were apart he realized just how much he cared for her. He would like to try and commit to a relationship; that is if she’ll have him back. With a smile and a wink, Lacey tells Jason she’ll think about it but first, Jason needs to show her just how much he’s missed her.

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