Epona Films LTD has built an in house postproduction facility capable of delivering any HD series.  Whether your production’s delivery is HDCAM or file based we can serve your needs, as we have for several of our in house television series and films.  We created this HDCAM, Final Cut Pro based facility with producers in mind, and it has served us very well.

Just as important as the equipment is the quality of the editors and post supervision we are able to provide.  Our editors are creative, flexible and eager to hear your goals.  Our post supervision is hands on, with expertise that allows us to solve any problems that might arise, not pass them on to you.

After three seasons of delivering for HBO (a broadcaster renown for it’s extensive delivery requirements and rigid QC) we understand how important your delivery schedule and delivery elements are, and will exceed your broadcaster’s requirements and expectations.

As a client you provide the creative input without being bogged down in administrative details and technical jargon.  Yes, Postproduction can be a pleasant, creative experience.  If your production has a Completion Bond just mention my name to the Bond Company, and they will be pleased at your choice and leave you alone to focus on the creative aspects.

Another advantage is that our editors can be placed on your payroll, allowing a 100% tax credit on their salaries.  We offer this as an option that can help a producer get the full bang for their buck.

We are willing to discuss reasonable financial holdbacks to assist you in your banking and tax credit financing.  Please note – we said reasonable.  Please don’t ask us for holdbacks, while at the same time hiring the most expensive audio post facility in the city.  We are willing to share your burden, in a fair and equitable way.

Our editors and supervisors offer you a turnkey operation.  In conjunction with you we will speak directly to the broadcasters and provide a complete delivery schedule and requirements, including special effects and audio postproduction so all parties know exactly what is expected of them, and when it is expected.  This includes the broadcaster’s own notes.  Have no fear, we are not bashful about reminding the broadcasters when they are jamming the gears.

Once the process begins we will:

  • Digitize, synch and prepare footage for offline.
  • Provide in house offline editors with experience in narrative and documentary/reality programming.
  • Post offline cuts for your notes and approval.
  • Pass approved cuts onto the broadcaster for their notes.
  • Execute those notes and repost for approval.
  • Spot the episodes or production for ADR, voiceover, music and sound notes.
  • Schedule and supervise audio post delivery in conjunction with your selected audio post facility.
  • Work in conjunction with your effects houses and CGI artists to ensure on time delivery of their elements.
  • Colour correct approved episodes and post those online for approval.
  • Execute colour correction notes and re-post for final approval.
  • Work in conjunction with your selected captioning facility to generate a captioned master for delivery.  NOTE – We do not do in house captioning.
  • Create delivery materials discs containing Stills, cue sheets, client provided promotional materials, synopsis and caption scripts which will meet and exceed broadcaster requirements.

We will also ensure that your M&E tracks and text-less elements are prepared, so you can begin international deliveries ASAP, generating revenue faster.  We have provided international deliveries for Tricon Films, Artist’s View Entertainment, Film Option and Canamedia with great success.  We have also done direct overseas deliveries for HBO OLE, HBO Asia and many others.  Even if overseas deliveries are unfamiliar territory for you, don’t worry; we know what you need.

This full service package is available at a very reasonable cost, and we’re more than happy to discuss your project in detail to prepare a budget.


Epona Films LTD does not want overseas rights, revenue sharing, producer credits or your first born, we just enjoy making things happen on a “Big Picture” scale.  However we adhere to the concept of handling all details.

Epona Films created its post services with in house delivery in mind, and is therefore an ideal full service provider.  However, piecemeal tasks, such as making dubs, doing a single HDCAM output or other such tasks are really not what we were created to do. We would be happy to refer you to more “single task” oriented facilities if these services are required.

Worldwide Distributor Clients