Lingerie, Season 2

“LINGERIE SEASON II” Is a sequel to the successful romantic comedy “Lingerie”.   As with the original TV series, “Lingerie Season II” dramatically follows the lives of beautiful people who photograph, model and design lingerie in New York City.  Both Seasons are very similar in tone to the wildly popular TV show “Sex in the City”.

Overall Story Arc:

A major new story arc for Season II is to introduce Giovanna (pronounced Jovanna), who will be Lacey’s nemesis.  Giovanna will try to hire Lacey to work for her by offering Lacey a lucrative designer contract.  But it turns out Giovanna will ultimately want to own Lacey’s signature line and eventually dissolve LS Designs into her own banner. When that fails Giovanna will do whatever she can to try and put Lacey out of business.  Giovanna is ruthless in business and uses third world sweatshops, substandard materials and harmful chemicals.  This is a huge secret and one of the largest reasons for her success.

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